Covid Policy

June Half Term Guidance

Staff will, this holiday, be wearing masks for all close proximity encounters with children and staff. Most of the day we will have plenty of space and will be able to remove them, but for close encounters and for drop off/collection, we do ask parents to wear a mask also.

We will split each camp into smaller bubbles as we see fit, normally by age, but also keeping siblings together if they prefer. So if we have 20 children coming, 10 will eat their lunch/watch their own film etc as a bubble of 10. The other bubble will be in another room next door in their "own" Kids Camp. Their chair and table will be theirs for the duration, they will eat in their place, unless we are able to eat outside if it's still nice.

Some activities simply don't suit the current situation so we will be removing some of our activities such as Hama Beads and swimming amongst others. Soft furnishings have been removed, as will skipping ropes and things that are hard to clean.

Staff will be cleaning toilets and all controllers in the Tech Room will be cleaned between players and chairs will of course be seated apart. We have hand sanitiser at the ready and regular hand washing will be a big part of the day.

We are reintroducing many of our sports such as Dodgeball, hockey and basketball, but with all equipment sprayed and wiped down between groups.


Iestyn North