Covid Policy

We've had many questions about our plans for this summer so we've created a page to explain our currenty plans/policies. Obviously, guidance is changing all the time and we may find we are able to add/required to remove activities based on current advice.

At present we plan to split each camp into smaller bubbles. So if we have 20 children coming, 10 will eat their lunch/watch their own film etc as a bubble of 10. The other bubble will be in another part of the school in their "own" Kids Camp. We should always be able to keep siblings/friends together as they wish!

Some activities simply don't suit the current situation so we will be removing some of our activities such as Hama Beads, Virtual Reality and swimming amongst others. Soft furnishings will be removed, as will skipping ropes and things that are hard to clean.

Staff will be cleaning toilets and all controllers in the Tech Room will be cleaned between players and chairs will of course be 1m apart. We have hand sanitiser at the ready and regular hand washing will be a big part of the day.

I'll keep this page updated as we receive more guidance.


Iestyn North