A bit about Us

Essex Kids Camp have been running since 2011. Our aim is to provide  childcare to children aged 4-11. There were numerous clubs around at the time, yet we felt there was a need for a club that was for EVERYONE, not just for the sporty, the musical or the arty.

We wanted to create a club where children would feel right at home, a club where they are free to move between activities while at the same time being safe and supported at all times. No child is ever asked to do anything they don't want to do, there will always be something for them to choose at any point in the day!

Started by Iestyn North, the company has evolved from an individual running a handful of after school clubs to a company providing numerous clubs, PE lessons, birthday parties, Virtual Reality and even Silent Discos to the local children!



How do the Camps work?

You can leave your children with us from our new start time of 9am. Simply drop off with lunch, snack and a drink and off you go. The children can CHOOSE what activity they do throughout the day, they won't be forced to rotate activities or made to do anything they don't want to do. We have a member of staff in each area allowing children the freedom to spend their time as they wish, whether it be watching a film and colouring, playing games with friends in our Tech Rooms or playing hockey outside on the playground, the choice is theirs!


At 3pm you arrive and collect your children. If you have registered an account on our new website you should have filled in all emergency contact details and permissions, so drop off and collections should be much quicker!

For more information, please email us at info@essexkidscamp.co.uk