Q: Do we accept Childcare Vouchers?
A: Unfortunately not. We did look into it but, in order to accept them, we would need to be Ofsted Registered, which we don't need to be as we are not a childcare provider.

Q: Do you do a sibling discount.

A: No. We used to but it is really tricky to administer via the website and so decided just to do one fixed low price for all. We still think we provide great value for money and don't charge any extra to you guys when we get in inflatables, special guests or activities.


Q: Can our children stay together for the day?

A: Yes! We normally try to group the children by age as much as we can as the kids tend to hve a much better time if the activities are themed towards them. We often get the Brio traintrack and the silent disco headphones out for the 4-6 year olds so they can listen while they colour and play, for example. The older ones have a much better didgeball match without having to avoid hurting the little ones, but if siblings insist on going together then we certainly won't stop them. They tend to come out of Camp having made new friends anyway!